If They Only Had a Brain

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3D printing a brain is one thing.

Making it useful for med students is another. But with some gelatin, a solvent and a little bit of ingenuity, research associate Joshua Qua Hiansen can turn a printed mold into an echogenic and accurate model of a brain.

It looks like a brain. It sounds like a brain. It even squishes like a brain.

Highlights from The Critical Making Lab Collection: Model of LightSail Cube Satellite

Anyone who’s interested in 3D printing probably has at least a tiny soft spot in their heart for science fiction. And what’s more sci fi than space travel? Of course, we’re not quite here

or here


But space travel is evolving all the time. The Planetary Society, a non-profit space advocacy group, has been busy developing a a citizen-funded project called LightSail that will use the sun’s energy as a method of propulsion. See the Planetary Society’s website for more information. The LightSail model is experimental for now – the first test flight was in 2015 – and a full demonstration isn’t scheduled until later this year.

The Critical Making lab has partnered with The Planetary Society to create realistic 3D-printed models of the LightSail Cube Satellite. There models are not functional, but will be used for educational purposes to explain how the actual Lightsail works. Stay tuned for future examples…

LightSailSolar sail






Note: Spaceship images from Wikimedia.

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