Critical Making Lab and Children’s Own Media Museum at Harbourfront

Lab members Antonio Gamba Bari and Gabby Resch, in conjunction with the Children’s Own Media Museum, took a handful of arduinos and one of the lab makerbots down to Toronto’s Harbourfont Victoria Day festival in order to provide the opportunity for kids (and their parents) to explore, create, and build a range of unique artifacts. It was an interesting opportunity for us to explore the interactive possibilities afforded in a busy, chaotic atmosphere, as well as a chance to see how a long-running group such as the COMM anticipates and prepares for an event that caters to hundreds of both excited and distracted kids (and their parents) as they experience technologies like 3D printing and electronic circuits for the first time.

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About Gabby Resch

Gabby Resch is a PhD student at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information. He conducts research in the area of multisensory HCI in museums. Part MacGyver, part John Bender, he can often be found eating hummus and listening to speed metal, or stripping old 3D printers for parts.

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