Critical Making && Inclusive Design Studio Open Show!

Critical Making && Inclusive Design Studio openshow

April 16, 2009: 2-5pm.

Rm. 728, Bissell Building, University of Toronto.

FI2241 and FI2196 invite you to join us in Bissell, rm. 728 on Thursday, April 16 from 2-5pm for an open show of their final projects.  Free wine and other refreshments will be served.

Critical Making – FI2241 – Using design-based research on physical  computing as an adjunct to information scholarship, the course has  explored critical issues of intellectual property, technological bias,  identity and public space. The projects to be shown include:

•    Social/Lites: An experiment in collaborative dinner theatre. (Bruno’s  BellyButton)
•    Roomalizer: Breathing New Life Into Public Spaces. (Under Construction)
•    Rage Against the Machine: Let us tell you how you feel. (Shake n’ Bake)
•    The Hipster: Flaneur 2.0 (NUTS)

Inclusive Design – FIS2187/FIS2196 – Students will be presenting  projects resulting from engagement with both theoretical and practical  issues in inclusive design, including designs or demos for:

•    An accessible web chat client in an online community
•    Implementing and testing Flexible User Interface (FLUID) components  designed for learning management systems such as Sakai and ATutor
•    An accessible mobile client for an indoor positioning system
•    Inclusive policies for online communities (involving children and  adults)
•    Formats for import and export of video description and captioning
•    Translating Cultural Artifacts across sensory modalities

Come join us, interact and explore creative solutions, new forms of ubiquitous computing, and engaging solutions to issues of inclusive design. Email if you need directions or more info!

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  1. Thom LohmanApril 10, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    I’m not a U. Toronto student, but would love more information about the Inclusive Design openshow, particularly about the projects about description and captioning. Could someone contact me at tlohman (at) dcmp (dot) org if more information (or a summary) of the show becomes available? Thanks!

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