Collaborative 3D-Printed Mesopotamian City at the Royal Ontario Museum

Together with Toronto startup MAKELAB and the [R]ed[U]x Architectural Science Design Lab at Ryerson, Critical Making Lab members Dan Southwick and Gabby Resch designed and implemented a 4-week 3D printing experience at the Royal Ontario Museum that ran in November and December, 2013. This experience saw patrons of the ROM’s Friday Night Live public engagement use iPads to design their own custom ancient Mesopotamian buildings and then print their designs on a small fleet of 3D printers. Over the course of the 4-week run, many of the printed creations were assembled into a unique, crowd-sourced exhibit. Mudbrick ziggurat-based CN Towers on the banks of the Tigris, robots and cats perched above grand temples, and collapsed ruins are just a few examples of what the public imagined and built in this experience.

More information about this event can be found here.

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About Gabby Resch

Gabby Resch is a PhD student at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information. He conducts research in the area of multisensory HCI in museums. Part MacGyver, part John Bender, he can often be found eating hummus and listening to speed metal, or stripping old 3D printers for parts.

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