Coach House Salon

November 6, 2009matt.rattoevents0

I’m participating in an event at the Coach House on Nov. 12 – see below for more information.

Coach House Salon

November 12, Thursday, 6-9pm
The McLuhan Coach House
39A Queen’s Park Crescent East
(See detailed directions below)

Topic: Authenticity

Invited catalysts: Heather MacNeil (iSchool, UofT), Ian Lancashire (English, UofT), Matt Brower (iSchool, UofT) & Matt Ratto (iSchool, UofT)

Potluck supper starts at 6:00 and catalytic speeches start at 6:30.

Organized by the Salon team at the Coach House Institute: Jennifer Esmail (Rutgers & UofT), Steve Hockema (UofT), Jun Luo (UofT), Stuart Murray (Ryerson), Dominique Scheffel-Dunand (York), Brian Cantwell Smith (UofT)

The Coach House Salon:

The Coach House Salon is an informal monthly meeting that gathers together an interdisciplinary group of scholars in the Greater Toronto Area who are interested in the impact of digital technologies on culture, society and the world. Each salon focuses on a different topic and features informal short talks to generate discussion among attendees. The Coach House Salon aims at providing a forum where people feel safe to listen, inquire and wonder together.

Inspired by the Technoscience Salon (, the Coach House Salon coordinates schedule and topics with the Technoscience Salon while maintaining a focus on the transformation by digital technologies of the world and of our understanding of the world.

Format of the Salon:

Three to four catalytic speakers, for only ~10 minutes each, to address a topic T of relevance. Each speaker is suggested to address, with emphases of their own choice, four questions with respect to T:

(1) How do you understand T? What matters about it?
(2) How is T being transformed by the rise of digital technology & culture?
(3) What have you come to know or understand about T, that others here might be interested in?
(4) What do you not know or understand about T, which others here might know about or have insights into?

The floor is then open for general discussion, where every participant is reactant.

The Coach House Institute:

The Coach House Institute (CHI) is a new research centre at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. Built on the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology and revitalizing the historic Centre for Culture and Technology of Marshall McLuhan, the CHI functions as a laboratory for discursive engagements on ultimate questions in the information age and changes in the intellectual landscape. It aims to extract researchers from the maelstrom of daily life and usher them into an environment of communion and conversation that allows them to unfetter their imaginations and rethink the digitally mediated world.

Directions to the McLuhan Coach House:

The McLuhan Coach House (39A Queen’s Park Crescent East) is in the Southeast corner of the parking lot behind 39 Queen’s Park Crescent East, which is a UofT Faculty of Law building. Access to the McLuhan Coach House is available from Queen’s Park Crescent East by going around the 39 building towards the East and from St. Joseph Street by going around Muzzo Family Alumni Hall (121 St. Joseph Street) towards the South. The Museum station (on the University-Spadina subway line) and the Wellesley station (on the Yonge line) are within walking distance to the McLuhan Coach House.

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