Coach House Salon talk on Authenticity

November 13, 2009matt.rattoevents0

Last night I participated in a ‘salon’ style event at the new Coach House institute. This is located in the coach house building that was Marshall Mcluhan’s office during the 1970’s.

The conversation last night was ‘catalyzed’ by short talks given by myself, and my colleagues in the Faculty of Information, Heather McNeil and Matt Brower, as well as Ian Lancashire from the Department of English.

Here’s a link to the Prezi presentation I used to structure my thoughts:

Within the presentation, clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the screen will take you forward and back through the images and quotes.

My thanks to Jennifer Esmail (Rutgers & UofT), Steve Hockema (UofT), Jun Luo (UofT), Stuart Murray (Ryerson), Dominique Scheffel-Dunand (York), and Brian Cantwell Smith (UofT) for organizing this event.

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