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Jamon Camisso is a Masters student at the Faculty of Information. He is currently designing an RFID system that will allow a user to digitally tag items and cross-reference them against each other in real time and space. He expects that the ability to embed a nearly unlimited amount of digital metadata into physical objects via RFID will one day be commonplace, and that users will be able to create location and time specific metadata mashups of physical and digital content on the fly, and all via open source hardware and software designs.

Torch Partnership Wicked Lunch

November 11, 2009Jamonevents0

On August 7, 2009, I spoke at and facilitated a critical making exercise as part of Torch Partnership’s “wicked lunch” series. Torch Partnership consists of Michael Dila and Robin Uchida (and friends) and is an innovative “design thinking” and strategy company located in downtown Toronto.

Here’s a blurb from Torch Partnership:

This month we will welcome University of Toronto professor, Matt Ratto. Matt is an information studies guy who also runs the newly formed Critical Making Lab at U of T and teaches at the iSchool. His work looks at the way in which using technological and material prototyping can be used as part of a program of embodied and situated critical thinking.

Matt will share ideas and experience from his practice. I hope he might also be drawn into talking about the possibility of creating an open and accessible space for practicing critical making in Toronto. If we are lucky, he’ll bring some toys and help us play.

Here are some photos from the event:

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